Caveman's Delight is a Hand Held Game similar to whack-a-mole. This game also features on Migoland, but is called Caveman Crusher.
Caveman's Delight

Caveman's Delight

How to PlayEdit

  • 1. Smash the green statues
  • 2. Don't smash the red statues
  • 3. Hurry before time runs out!

Colour codeEdit

  • Dark Green Statues: Hit 3 times for 1000 points.
  • Green Statues: Hit once for different amounts of points. It depends on if you are getting a combo or not.
  • Red Statues: Don't hit otherwise your points deduct.


  • The dark green statues once they are hit, cannot go back down, so hit them once and keep hitting twice to get points.
  • If you hit the statues without missing, you get combos and it makes you gain more points.


In Multiplayer, try and hit the most statues to get more points.


  • Win: 15 Gold
  • Lose: 5 Gold

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