Hotep's Riddle is a hand held game so you can see the world while you play. It is a game where you have to get all your tokens off the board.
Hotep's Riddle

Hotep's Riddle


1. Each time you roll the die to see how many steps you can move. If you roll a 1 or 4 then you get to go again.

2. Select your piece, then click to move to a green spot.

3. You can move onto an opponent to switch places with them.

4. You can't move onto your own pieces.

5. When all your pieces are moved off the board, you win!


In Multiplayer, when you click on it, a "play?" button will come up to other people who are in the same room as you. When you click the button, bubbles of the game's symbol are displayed over you and your competitor. It will say if you have won or lost.

Built In HelpsEdit

Highlighted squares showing where your piece will go if you clicked on it.


  • Win: 30 coins.
  • Lose: 15 coins.

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