Meyan Jungle
Meyan Jungle map
Vital statistics
Type Jungle
Location East Spineworld

Meyan JungleEdit


Meyan Jungle was made in late 2008. It was the third place made on Spineworld. It is a big jungle area with many places.


Ancient SkyportEdit

The Ancient Skyport is one of the highest points in the Meyan Jungle. Captain Hadley's Ship stops here. There is a stairway to the Temple Gardens and another to the Meyan Temple.

Ancient Skyport

Temple GardensEdit

The Temple Gardens is where the jungle starts going down from the stairs from the Ancient Skyport. The main Tely-Port station is here. There is some big plants and statues, and there's also a calm quiet water pool.

Temple Gardens

Tree Top JungleEdit

The Tree Top Jungle is a big space of grass and plants. Old Leaf and Gold Sparkle can be found here. There are also some statues.

Tree Top Jungle

Meyan TempleEdit

The Meyan Temple is where the Ship departs and the Tram departs to The Beneath. There are also many old buildings, a post office, a stall to buy tram tickets, a shop and a Tely-Port station.

Meyan Temple

The Transit BarEdit

The Transit Bar is for members only. It is a tavern with many seats and tables. Gir-Dir works here and Field Librarian Dod can be found here.

The Bongo CampEdit

The Bongo Camp is where bongo have crashed there ship and have dug a hole for digging

Bongo Camp

The Bongo ExcavationEdit

The Bongo Excavation is a deep dark underground hole that is in The Bongo Camp. There are lots of mushrooms and fungi.

Bongo Excavation

Meyan Race StadiumEdit

The Meyan Race Stadium is where the Steam Car Racing takes place. Mech Bot and Racing Minitor work here.

Meyan Race Stadium

Old RoomsEdit

  • The Meyan Temple East was where the plane departs. There was also many old buildings there.
  • The Meyan Temple West was where the tram departs to The Maze. There was also a post office there and a stall to buy tram tickets.


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