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Migo Land
Migoland logo
Migo Land Logo
Vital statistics
Name Migo Land
Date Opened 2010
Date Closed N/a.
No. of Players Unknown
Predecessor Successor
Spineworld N/a.
"Migo Land is a free online game where kids from all over the world become friends, play games, throw parties and have fun."
— Migo Land Description

Migo Land is the successor to Spineworld. After Spineworld was shutdown in 2010, Playdo released Migo Land. Migo Land received mixed reactions. Parents thought the new graphics were suitable for children, but many players of Spineworld miss the beautiful graphics and gameplay. Migo Land turned Spineworld into a social hangout, rather than a game. this game is mainly for younger audience as it has a safe chat with allows your child to be protected while making new friends.

Gameplay Edit

When you first enter Migo Land, you can create and customise your own avatar. The avatar is completely randomised at first. You start the game with 6,000 coins, which you're able to spend on decorating your house or character customisations. You can walk around, chat with friends, play games, and decorate your house, which you can throw parties in. There are different locations for you to visit, including the hospital, where you can become a doctor or patient; or the restaurant, where you can dine out, or become a chef.

Differences Edit

While Migo Land 'borrows' some graphics from Spineworld, the game is aimed at a younger audience. The locations are much less detailed than locations in Spineworld were. There are also much less locations for players to visit and explore. Migo Land does not feature quests/missions.

Houses Edit

Houses are like Spineworld's apartments. Users can choose the style of house and decoration; such as a country house, a castle, a pirate ship, a coffee shop, a hospital, or even a roadside. Houses come in many different sizes and colours. Users can hold parties, furnish their homes, or visit friends' houses.

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