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migoland is nice game try it xD add me pls



The houses are like Spineworld's Apartments. Users can choose what their house can be, such as a country house, a castle, a pirate ship, a coffee shop, a hospital and you can even live by the roadside , which comes in many different sizes and colors. They can also hold parties here, furnish their houses, or visit friends' houses. Most people hack migoland like aamer or q-rich-q_hacker and many other losers. they r so jobless that they disconnect people I hate them! TO ALL THE PEOPLE READING THIS, WE SHOULD VOICE AGAINST THEM!!! LETS GET THEM OUT OF MIGOLAND SO THAT MIGOLAND CAN NEVER BE HACKED AGAIN!!

Most Famous Migoland Players

ROFLL ONLY VORTEX IS FAMOUS!! XD and just because I said vortex is famous doesn't mean im vortex ok :/


Love people ↑Edit

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