Third Incarnation of the Mantle
Vital statistics
Title Master
Gender Male
Race Legend
Faction  ?
Health  ?
Level  ?
Status  ?
Location Texas, U.S.

Monk is the current holder of Spineworld's mantle. As the operator of the last remaining Spineworld server, Monk inherited the torch from MaouKami, who took it up from Andreas. This makes Monk the third owner of Spineworld.


When MaouKami discovered Spineworld's 2008 client files and network packet logs in 2013, he developed a server and put it online. After Maou denied everyone access to his server's source code, it was clear that Spineworld could be lost again. A player of Spineworld in 2009, Monk logged and ripped packets and game files from Maou's site. Over the course of two years, he slowly constructed an open-source server called Whirlpool. With MaouKami's incredible wisdom guiding him along the way, Monk's server was completed in 2016. He forever ensured Spineworld would never be lost again.

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