Repair the Old Ship
Vital statistics
Start Captain Musk
End Captain Musk
Prerequisites Plunger
Location Cloud Spire
Rewards 180 Gold
Previous Next

Repair the Old Ship (originally titled Nailing the Trails was a repeatable mission on Spineworld.


Captain Musk ran into some bad weather while sailing and his ship needs some repairs. He needs 5 sets of nails using a "nail extractor", or plunger, to collect them with.


Walk around Cloud Plaza. The nails, represented by sparkles can be collected from Cloud Garden outside Zorof's Shop, inside Zorof's shop, Cloud Plaza on the Info Desk, Cloud Plaza Lift Hall and The Beneath Lift Hall. To get the nails, open up the inventory and select the hand symbol on the plunger. Then click it on the shiny spot, and a set of nails has been collected. Do this five times and go back to Captain Musk.


  • Collect more nails than needed each time this mission is done, so that on the next few times this, the mission can be instantly finished because the user would have more than five sets of nails.


  • Originally, only one set of nails needed to be collected.

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