Salvador Bongo
Salvador Bongo image
Salvador Bongo
Vital statistics
Title Mayor of Cloud Spire
Gender Male
Race Bongo
Faction {{{faction}}}
Health Good
Level {{{level}}}
Status Happy
Location Cloud Garden

Salvador Bongo (AKA Mayor Bongo) is the mayor of Cloud Spire. He has a pet named Du-Rong who was rescued from the icy plains of Tuk-Tuk.


Salvador Bongo is one of the original characters. His family has a great background and history in Spineworld. Salvador once went down into The Beneath with his father Professor Bongo but they suddenly got lost. He almost decided to give up being Mayor when he was older but felt much better once he heard his father was fine and that he will visit him soon. A Lucky Charm was given to him to cheer up and continue being Mayor. He also likes finding old remnants.


Salvador Bongo welcomes you to Spineworld, and gives you a few missions.


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