There are many shops in Spineworld. They can be found by the money symbol.

Maru's Shop of StuffEdit

Maru's Shop of Stuff is in the Cloud Plaza and sells basic clothes for users owned by Maru. It was the first shop made.

Snipo SnapoEdit

Snipo Snapo is in Cloud Plaza and does haircuts. It is run by Ramon and Cliff.

Sky TowersEdit

The Sky Tower is in the Cloud Plaza and sells apartments and is run by Lin-Loo.

Misty Island Mansion ShopEdit

The Misty Island Mansion Shop is in the Misty Mansion and sells more exclusive clothes run by Gru-Dor. It was the second shop made and is the biggest shop.

P, K & F Pets Egg ShopEdit

P, K & F Pets Egg Shop is a shop for buying pets in the Misty Mansion. It is run by Petrop.

P, K & F Pets Food ShopEdit

P, K & F Pets Food Shop is a shop for looking after pets selling food, soap and brushes in the Misty Mansion. It is run by Krakrof.

P, K & F Pets Color StoreEdit

P, K & F Pets Color Store is a shop for colouring pets a different color. It is run by Federow.

Gro-Jun's Gift ShopEdit

The Meyan Jungle Shop sells gifts which you can send to people. These gifts make special effects on your avatar. It is run by Gro-Jun.

The Shop BeneathEdit

The Shop Beneath is in Everflow Cavern and sells pet food, clothes and some special items. It is run by To-Tu.

Boiler Marquise's Shop Edit

This shop is in Temple gardens. They sell mostly Tely-Pyramids and it is run by Boiler Marquise.

Special Items ShopEdit

The Special Items Shop can be accessed anywhere and uses real money instead of Gold. It sells Blobs for Invasion of the Blobs, Emotions, fireworks and gifts.

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