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Spineworld Logo, 2007
Vital statistics
Name Spineworld
Date Opened 2007
Date Closed 2010
No. of Players 3,000,000+
Predecessor Successor
Playdo Migo Land

Spineworld was a social networking site mainly aimed at people ages 11-15. It was founded by Playdo AB.


Playdo was created by Andreas Rehnberg in 2000, with the website launched in 2000. It was a basic website with a 3-D chat room, online games, making home pages and other things. For the first few years with slight improvements, there were lots of users.

In 2007, Playdo 2.0 was launched with a new look website, a new chat room called Spineworld, some new games and new user home page features. Little improvements were made over the months.

In April 2008, Spineworld became a separate website and new places and features were introduced to the game. The Playdo website became sort of unpopular throughout the next few months. Playdo AB left controlling the Playdo site to focus completely on Spineworld and a new company called Luli AB controlled the Playdo site and renamed Lulilab. The website was similar to Playdo.

In 2009, Spineworld had 3,000,000 users.

In 2010, Playdo AB shut down Spineworld and made a new game called Migo Land, as per orders from the parent company, Result.

As of 2013, Spineworld was released and the link is: and the Facebook page link is: However, it is unofficial and hosted by fans. The time when the server is active is very inconsistent.


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