Tely-Port is a quick transportation across Spineworld runned by Boilers. It was orginally free for all but now non-members have to buy Tely-Port pyramids.

Places to GoEdit

  • Dragon Port
  • Cloud Spire
  • Your Apartment
  • Meyan Jungle
  • The Beneath
  • Misty Islands

Tely-Port PyramidsEdit

Tely-Port Pyramid
Tely-Port Pyramid
Tely-Port Pyramid
Vital statistics
Type Pyramid
Effects Can be used for Tely-Port
Cost to buy 100 Gold
Cost to sell 80 Gold

A Tely-Port Pyramid has enough power to Tely-Port someone across Spineworld once. When you sign up you get 10 free pyramids to Tely-Port. You can buy pyramids at the Temple Gardens in the Meyan Jungle. You also get free daily pyramids for being in a club or doing a certain mission.


Members can get free travel and they don't have to buy the pyramids.

Boiler Bot'sEdit

The Boiler Bot's in Spineworld run the Tely-port stations. The main shop in the Temple Gardens sends out the power to run the Tele-Port areas that are scattered across Spineworld.

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