The Beneath
Beneath Map
Map of The Beneath
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Vital statistics
Type Dark caves
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Location Central underground Spineworld.
Inhabitants Home to darker things

The Beneath (originally called The Caves) is located under Cloud Spire. It is a series of caves and tunnels.



The Caves had been listed on the lift floors for ages since Spineworld was first made in 2007. No information was found on it until it was advertised on the Playdo website in Early 2008. A few months later, it was released as The Beneath. Some months later, The Maze was released with the train and tram lines. In 2009, The Beneath had a new look and blended in with some features that The Maze had and most rooms were taken out and the train line was moved.


Everflow CavernEdit

Everflow Cavern is named after a endless lava river going around a statue. The train line is here with Gro-Dan working at reception, a shop runned by To-Tu and a Tely-Port station.

Everflow Cavern

Bongo CaveEdit

Bongo Cave is a place where Professor Bongo lives. There is a small forest in here.

Bongo Cave

Resurrection ChamberEdit

The Resurrection Chamber is a place where people used to get resurrected with a podium and a stone representing it.

Reserection Chamber

Air Tram StationEdit

The Air Tram Station is where people can catch the Air Tram to go to the Meyan Jungle. This room goes around a cliff edge.

Airtram Station

Magma LakeEdit

Magma Lake is named after a huge lake of lava. The Air Tram travels above.

Magma Lake

Former Places/Special RoomsEdit

  • The Beneath Station was a station where the train comes to take people to The Maze Station. There are two platforms, however one of them is in use. This room was deleted in April.
  • The Maze Station was where the train comes to take people to The Beneath Station. There are two platforms, however one of them is in use. This was was deleted in April.
  • The Node was the central part of The Maze. There are many statues, plants and stalagmites and stalactites. There are also many doors, however two of them can be accessible. This room was deleted in April.
  • The Caves of Shrines was a place filled with some statues. There is a bridge and another entry but they are not accessible and only one door is. This rooms was deleted in April. So far fans have heard nothing on whether it will come back because the bridge has been moved to Everflow Cavern.
  • The Mind Maze is a series of rooms that can be accessed during a Mission. It is a fun and colorful room unlike the other Beneath rooms.



Things that you can find in The Beneath include:

  • Lots of Rocks
  • Special Gems
  • Lesser Uhm Stones
  • Herbs
  • Roots
  • Magorite Ore


  • The Caves (August 2007 - July 2008) This name was around before the release.
  • The Underworld (January 2008 - July 2008) This name was around before the release.
  • The Beneath (July 2008 - Present)

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