Vital statistics
Start Zorof
End Zorof
Prerequisites Glass Orb and Saucepan
Location Zorof's Shop
Rewards  ???
Previous Next
Slow Down Obb and Dob Slipping Past Obb and Dob

Zoromorphing was a mission on Spineworld


Zorof wants something made from glass and something metal for a machine of his.


To find the metal, go to the Aqua Lounge and talk to Mr. Tonno. He will say that cutlery just lies around the place. Look around the Aqua Lounge for a saucepan. Pick it up.

To find the glass, go to Maru or one of the other shops and buy a Glass Orb from him.

Once the items have been collected, go back to Zorof's Shop and put the items in the Zoromorph. A Geo Bot will come out. Talk to Zorof and collect the reward. The Geo Bot remained in the inventory forever.

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